Faith & Culture

Looking at culture from a Christian perspective, and looking at Christianity from a cultural perspective.

An eye-opener for engaging interculturally as a Christian, the Faith & Culture program gives you a solid foundation for intercultural engagement in any setting whether personal, workplace or ministry related.

It helps you to understand your own worldview and culture through the Thee Colors of Worldview© and Cultural Mapping Inventory© discovery tools and hands you tools for fruitful and effective engagement in intercultural situations. Identifying where worldviews show up in the Bible and Christian history helps you understand why and how Christian cultures differ across the world. It also helps you understand how other cultures perceive salvation, and it will enrich your understanding of what Christ did for you on the cross.

Join us in a learning journey to deepen your understanding of how culture affects your faith, to deepen your understanding of Christ’s accomplishments on the cross, and to build your ability to effectively communicate your faith across the boundaries of culture.

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