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This year we’ve worked hard to make n-Culture’s quality content available to more people who are not able to attend one of our events and developed several eLearning modules around the Faith & Culture Curriculum.

We developed the following core pieces:

1. Heartset and Mindset of Intercultural Interaction

Inter-Cultural Intelligence (ICI) enables individuals to understand their own cultural worldview and how it impacts their behaviors, expectations and relationships with others. Thus, learning to navigate in and out of diverse cultural contexts with flexibility and sensitivity while adapting and building a third cultural space.

In this eLearning module we explore the foundations of ICI. What is the right heartset and mindset to engage interculturally and How do we develop these? We do this using the following topics:

  • Cultural Critic and Cultural Learner - How can we be open and welcoming to others without fear and without (fear of) loosing our identity.
  • Perceptions & Patterns - What are the Perceptions and Patterns that color the lens through which we look at the world around us. We help you uncover our proneness to bias.
  • DIR - DIR is a powerful tool to deconstruct a given situation in a more unbiased way so you can base your conclusions on a more objective assessment.

2. Three Colors of Worldview

Three Colors of Worldview© is about our motivators and demotivators at the deepest level of culture, the drivers of a lot of our actions. It is an easy, yet powerful tool that helps you understand your own drivers, motivators and demotivators and helps you quickly assess the drivers, motivators and demotivators of other individuals and groups. It’s a great tool to improve intercultural teamwork, communication and relations.

The Three Colors of Worldview (Guilt/Innocence, Honor/Shame, Power/Fear) sits below the 12 Dimensions of Color in the Iceberg model of Culture. It’s tied into our belief-system, rather than our norms and values.

You will first discover your own worldview through the Three Colors of Worldview Discovery Tool, and then in the eLearning you will uncover what these worldviews are and why they are so important. We’ll learn how to adapt our behavior to better relate to people with a different worldview.

3. Worldviews in the Bible, Worldviews and Salvation

In this module, we’ll link the Three Colors of Worldview to the Bible. We'll discover Bible stories that emphasize each of the three primary worldviews and we'll uncover how people explain and apply Bible passges differently depending on their worldview. This will help you understand why and how Christian cultures differ across the world and helps you understand how your culture shaped your Christianity.

Worldviews and Salvation takes us from creation to the cross. This module helps you discover how different cultures experience the results of sin in different ways and how they experience Jesus' salvation in different ways. It enriches your own understanding of salvation and prepares you for intercultural evangelism.

4. Intercultural Evangelism & Holistic Discipling (Sep 2019)

Intercultural Evangelism challenges you to tailor your message to the culture and worldview of your audience and hands you tools to do so.

Contextualizing the salvation message (telling it in such a way that your message resonates with the hearer) should be combined with holistic discipling.

Holistic Discipling is about communicating the full truth of the Bible through the cultural lens of the hearer.

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