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Thriving Intercultural Marriages - May 2024 - Online

A 6-week online interactive learning journey with Zoom calls, eLearning and fun experiential learning assignments.

Saturday, May 4 - June 8, 2024  @  3-5:15 pm, UTC

Build a family culture where both partners belong and thrive. Better understand the culture and worldview of your spouse, gain keys to communicate effectively and build a fruitful relationship, and develop tools to build a healthy family culture that encompasses both cultures. Leave empowered to thrive in your marriage!

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Workshop topics:

1. Heartset & Mindset for Effective Intercultural Interaction

In a fun way, we’ll take an honest look at our own cultural perceptions and biases. Then we’ll come up with some “Best Practices” for interacting in intercultural situations.

The emphasis is on becoming a Cultural Learner. The key thought is that you’re not expected to change your DNA, who you are – you’re expected to seek to understand your spouse and to modify your behavior to create win-win situations and more fruitful interactions.

When you seek to understand the other and persist in modifying your behavior, you will embrace what is of value in your spouse’s culture and will change and grow, but in a controlled and more organic way.

2. Understanding Worldviews – How do I see the world? How do you see it differently?

Worldviews (Honor/Shame, Innocence/Guilt, Power/Fear) are at the heart of culture. They are at the core of your belief system and are powerful motivators and demotivators for our thinking, speaking and actions.

Through an online questionnaire and report, you’ll discover your own worldview and start learning about worldviews.

As you begin to understand your own and your spouse’s worldview, you’ll learn to discern and articulate what support you need from your spouse to function well in a situation where your own worldview is no longer dominant or implicitly understood.

What can we learn from each primary worldview to strengthen our marriage?

3. Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Teams

We dive deeper into the Three Colors of Worldview and look at how the Primary Worldviews affect our Communication, understanding of Trust and our understanding of the Size of our Marriage.

Communication in a mono-cultural marriage is an art due to gender and personality differences. Intercultural marriages add a layer of complexity. We will delve deeper into the concept and principles of Intercultural Communication and each couple will make their own communication plan.

4. Worldviews in the Bible - Understanding each other's Christianity

We’ll explore the three primary worldviews from a Christian perspective. Where do they come from? What do they tell us about Salvation? How can our understanding of each primary worldview enrich our experience of salvation?

Through discussions you’ll learn to understand the cultural dimension and expression of your own faith and your spouse’s faith and articulate what support you need from the other to do well spiritually.

5. Intercultural Conflict Resolution, Building a thriving Family Culture -1

Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation has a lot in common with communication and we will draw on some of the lessons from week 3 as we delve into the cultural dimension of conflict resolution vs. reconciliation.

Building a Thriving Family Culture starts with understanding how various cultures look at the concept of being a family. Again we use the lens of Three Colors of Worldview to bring those differences to the light. As we understand the implicit expectations of each other, we can start being intentional about building a family culture.

We’ll make an action plan for the future, based on the insights and tools learned. We will also look at the issue of different views on marriage, leadership etc. by the societies and families each spouse grew up in. How do you reconcile those as an intercultural couple and how do you weave in a Biblical view of marriage?

6. Overcoming Roadblocks, Building a Thriving Family Culture - 2

We will reflect on the learning of the past weeks, celebrate our successes and identify our roadblocks to a Thriving Intercultural Marriage.

Anticipating and identifying future roadblocks helps to diminish and mitigate their effects or even eliminate them all together.

We'll continue putting the pieces together to build our Thriving Intercultural Marriage and present our (draft) Thriving Intercultural Family Manifests.

What do previous participants say:

"We learned so much about each other in such a short amount of time, and the activities helped put it into practice, too."

"I have already been stopping myself from reacting when my husband says something that I don't agree with and first think, 'Knowing he's from a Power/Fear culture, what might be the reason he thinks this way?'"

"You gave us a common vocabulary to understand and express our differences in a way we both feel heard."

What is Inter-Cultural Intelligence or ICI?

ICI enables individuals to understand their own cultural worldview and how it impacts their behaviors, expectations and relationships with others. Thus learning to navigate in and out of diverse cultural contexts with flexibility and sensitivity while adapting and building a 3rd cultural space.

In plain language, ICI is a framework similar to DiSC in that it breaks down a culture into 3 observable worldviews and 12 observable dimensions, shows you where you currently stand in each of these, and hands you the tools to quickly assess another person's culture. This would give you a strong indicator of what things are important in that culture, how to navigate it and how to act appropriately.

Format & Topics

This online workshop is a mix of teaching, reflection, discussion and discovery. The focus of the facilitator-led time is on building skills and processing learning together as couples.

The workshop is seven 2-hour live Zoom calls, each a week apart. There is homework before and after each Zoom call to increase the impact (some eLearning, some reading, discussions with your spouse and some fun assignments). Expect to spend about 2-3 hrs/wk on homework assignments.

The workshop is open for any (almost) married couple who respects that the content is delivered from a Christian perspective. Please register by filling out the form below and responding to the follow-up email from n-Culture. Registration is not complete until approved by n-Culture and payment is received and processed.


$ 250 per couple

TICM-14 – May 4 - Jun 8, 2024 (Online)

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