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Developing Intercultural Skills - a series of interactive workshops with Bridge Builders Network

A 5-week workshop series with live webinars, eLearning and experiential learning assignments. Starting date and time TBD.

Each workshop has a single topic and can be attended without attending previous workshops. (You’ll learn the most out of the series when you attend all workshops, they do build on one another.)

Topics & Dates

1.  Understanding Worldviews & Cultures
2.  Worldview & Crossing Cultures in the Bible
3.  Effective Intercultural Communication
4.  Addressing Intercultural Conflict
5.  Best Practices for BBN

1.  Understanding Worldviews & Cultures (60 min.)

  • Learn about the basic worldviews, Honor/Shame, Innocence/Guilt and Power/Fear.
  • What are they, how do we recognize them? How do they influence our thinking, speaking and acting?
  • What is my worldview like? Take the survey.
  • How can I start adjusting my behavior for better interactions?

2.  Worldview & Crossing Cultures in the Bible (60 min.)

  • Where do the three worldviews show up in the Bible?
  • What do they teach us about different aspects of salvation? 

3.  Effective Intercultural Communication (60 min.)

  • Different communication types (verbal, non-verbal, direct, indirect)
  • Practice direct and indirect communication 

4.  Addressing Intercultural Conflict (60 min.)

  • How cultures make up.
  • Different preferences to resolve conflict.
  • Practice conflict resolution. 

5. Best Practices for BBN (60 min.)

  • Panel discussion


Each workshop is a mix of reflection, discussion, discovery and some teaching. The focus of the facilitator-led time on Zoom is on building skills and processing learning together.  There is homework before webinar to increase the impact. Expect to spend about 1 hr/wk on homework assignments.

The workshop content is delivered from a Christian perspective.


Registration is handled by Bridge Builders Network. Click on the link below to request more info and/or to register (subject to approval by Bridge Builders Network). Please put "Worldview and Culture Workshop Series" in the subject line.

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This is not a public workshop. It is an in-house workshop for Bridge Builders Network, Inc. If you want to organize a similar workshop for your organization, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for options.