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Understanding Culture & Worldview - Online

A 3-week virtual learning journey with live webinars, eLearning and experiential learning assignments. Flexible starting times.

Would you like to…

  • Better understand the culture & worldview of refugees and immigrants in your community, and have keys to communicate effectively & build fruitful relationships?
  • Understand your own cultural worldview, how it formed your perceptions and your faith?
  • Better understand the why’s of current events unfolding in the world news through your cultural analysis and understanding of key players?

The Understanding Culture and Worldviews workshop will help you achieve this!

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The Understanding Culture & Worldviews workshop is part of the Faith & Culture curriculum and gives you a solid foundation for intercultural engagement in any setting whether personal, workplace or community related using the Inter-Cultural Intelligence Framework©. It helps you to understand your own worldview, builds competencies to understand others' worldviews better and hands you tools for fruitful and effective interaction.

Workshop topics:

  • Understanding worldviews.
  • Worldviews in the Bible.
  • Building or Burning Bridges, foundations for intercultural communication.
  • Middle Eastern cultures in light of worldviews. 


This online workshop is a mix of teaching, reflection, discussion and discovery. The focus of the facilitator-led time is on building skills and processing learning together.

The workshop is three 2-hour live webinars, each a week apart. There is homework before and after each webinar to increase the impact (some eLearning, reading and some fun assignments). Expect to spend about 2 hrs/wk on homework assignments.

The workshop content is delivered from a Christian perspective.


$ 60 per person

What is Inter-Cultural Intelligence or ICI?

ICI enables individuals to understand their own cultural worldview and how it impacts their behaviors, expectations and relationships with others. Thus, learning to navigate in and out of diverse cultural contexts with flexibility and sensitivity, while adapting and building a 3rd cultural space.

In plain language, ICI is a framework similar to DiSC in that it breaks down a culture into 3 observable worldviews and 12 observable dimensions, shows you where you currently stand in each of these, and hands you the tools to quickly assess another person’s culture. This would give you a strong indicator of what things are important in that culture, how to navigate it and how to act appropriately.


Understanding Culture & Worldview

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